Saturday, May 26, 2018

05 May

Stacks Of Stocks

Deliveries are arriving regularly. 42 plugs of stocks have been planted on and are looking refreshed. Larger geranium plugs  arriving a few days later have also transferred well.

We are still getting frosts – the car needed a scrape yesterday morning. I managed to earth up the 1st earlies just in time!

The onions that survived the 1st 24 hours in the veg plot have all taken root and got good shoots. The cloche did stop the birds moving them – even if some were eaten.

The conservatory plants are really taking off now the days are longer. I have taken the plunge and chopped off about 1.5 meters of one branch of the yucca which is beginning to hit the roof. They are supposed to sprout from stumps, the other 1/2 will go if this experiment is successful.


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