Sunday, May 27, 2018

06 Jul


We’ve had some rain and a lot warmth over the last two weeks and it has really brought on my vegetables in the garden.


You will see from the photo, the beans are well in flower and I would hope that in the next few weeks we will be having our first few meals.  If you have too many don’t forget green bean chutney – its my favourite and great with stuffed courgette flowers!   If you would like the recipe let me know and I will put it in next time.


The second photo shows one of my cabbages.  You will see it suffered initially with caterpillar problems but a daily soak with old washing up water did the trick.


Finally the third photo shows my newly planted sweetcorn – rather late to be planted I’m afraid – and thus a little behind.  You should always plant sweetcorn in blocks rather than traditional lines.  This is to enable them to pollinate each other.


Finally I have also planted some more lettuce to keep the regular supply going, not forgetting to sow some more seeds in the greenhouse to come on in readiness to plant out again in three/four weeks time.


I also couldn’t resist baking one of my prized garlic bulbs in the top of the barbeque.  Squeezing the soft garlic onto toast was great – it is just fantastic and makes all the effort digging, planting and hoeing worthwhile.


Happy Gardening,


The Gardener in The West



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