Saturday, May 26, 2018

17 Feb

Gardening at last – continued

Was called away, so not quite finished. What I had meant to add was that this weekend I engaged, at long last, in what can only be described at gardening! This is as opposed to clearing snow, breaking ice and being generally freezing whenever outdoors. I have spent several satisfying days manuring the borders. Having been resident for over a year now, and having ponies as ‘paying guests’ we have built up a lovely supply of compost and manure. The garden waste, combined with that of the ponies’, has turned into a brown, crumbly mixture, for once looking just as it is supposed to from the pictures in the books. I love the look of it as you cover the ground and provide a protective blanket for the green shoots to bravely protrude – very satisfying! I remember writing very similar thoughts on my blog this time last year and am reassured by the predictable, but always exciting, cycle of the seasons. Looking forward to new experiences is exciting, but that of looking forward to the known delights, such as Spring, is perhaps even more pleasurable because of its predictability. The first snowdrops emerging from under the snow show great promise of joys to come!


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