Sunday, May 27, 2018

17 Feb

Gardening at last

The last couple of weeks have seen the arrival, at last, of some signs of Spring. On a few mornings I have opened the curtains to see green grass rather than glistening frost and I have even been welcomed outside by some birdsong. The news this morning has promised the ‘best Spring ever’ in terms of bulbs and blooms, and it couldn’t come soon enough.
The, still continuing, cold dark nights have been brightened up significantly by the treat of ‘leafing’ through the online catalogue of Gardening Direct. The website is user friendly and provides great, promising, pictures of all the plants. It is like a guilt free visit to a sweetie shop for me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed ordering my summer plugs. I have learnt my lesson from last year and ordered larger plugs to save time potting on and hopefully less waste. Now all I have to do is eagerly await the visit of the postman and it will be Christmas all over again!


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