Saturday, May 26, 2018

25 May

RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Day 2

Postcard From Wales – ‘Did they forget to weed’

The Artisan Gardens used to be called the Courtyard Gardens. This year, as always, they are an eclectic mix of the slightly bizarre (the Basildon Bond garden has a wall made of paper that ripples and blows in the wind) and the beautifully crafted.

Smaller than the main show gardens they are located down a beautiful woodland like walkway and the designers have been encouraged to use natural materials. The crowds here are frequently less than in other areas and it is possible to get a better look.

One of the most notable is the Art of Yorkshire Garden (take a look at yesterdays blog for a picture) which uses a variety of traditional stone materials to create amazingly crisp and contemporary walls, paths and borders. Add to this a planting scheme that looks like you might just be able to achieve it at home and this is truly a treat.

The Australia Garden boasts curved paths, interesting plantings and also manages to achieve a sense that you could feasibly live with this garden.

The Australian Garden - Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Australian Garden 2 - Chelsea Flower Show 2011

The Times Eureka Garden hosts an amazing garden building, complimented by beautiful combination plantings.

The Times Eureka Garden - Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Postcard from Wales is a fantastical creation. Looking like some giant digger has managed to transport a large chunk of the welsh countryside from Wales to London it is so natural looking two men in the crowed were heard to comment ‘good lord…did they forget to weed’. Somehow not everyone gets Chelsea I guess.


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