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26 May

RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Day 3

The Chelsea Flower Show Soundtrack

Over the past few days, I’ve started to find myself returning to my favourite areas time and again – continually building on my encyclopedic knowledge. I have to say that the combination planting of deep purple heucera and astilbe is absolutely fabulous.

Heucera & Astilbe - Chelsea Flower Show 2011

There’s definitely been a few suprises too – even in areas I thought I’d fully discovered! With the awards flying around there’s clearly a number of honours, but how’s this for an honour of a different kind – a new variety of carnivorous plant called ‘Helen’ is on show – named after Helen Mirren?

Helen - Chelsea Flower Show 2011

I even took a photo of the plinth as proof (in case anyone thinks it could be the first of April):

Helen Display Notes - Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Our friends at Dibley Nursery have shown an incredible bi-coloured Sreptocarpus – Harlequin. They’ve recieved special mention this year and we’ll shortly be launching a Streptocarpus collection that includes their award winner from last year!

Streptocarpus - Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Whilst there’s clearly an opportunity to push boundaries at Chelsea, I’ve always felt that the best gardens are those which can be adapted in some way for our gardens at home. This seems to have been lost on Diarmuid Gavin who (as I’m sure you’re already more than aware) decided to hoist a giant eye-shaped metal structure 50ft into the sky – any suggestions on what he was thinking at the time.

Irish Sky Garden - Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Once you have been amazed at the show gardens, spent a fortune in the Great Pavillion and bought the latest gadget on Eastern Avenue there is nothing better than that moment when you decide to stop for a moment.

Take a picnic or buy a sandwich and sit down (amazingly Chelsea supply just about enough chairs). Pretty soon you will tune out the sound of the crowd and notice that live music is filtering through.

Virtually all day long there is a constant parade of live musicians. Not for Chelsea rock or pop – good god no, but a gentle mix of different ensembles and brass bands.

Live Bands - Chelsea Flower Show 2011

The crowds favorite seemed to be the Guards Association Band that played everything from ‘Summertime’ to ‘God Save The Queen’ to great applause. Chelsea is not just about the gardens but a celebration of summer life.


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