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13 Sep

Time to Prune Border Perennials!

Perennials are not only the one of the most reliable ways of guaranteeing colour in your garden every summer but offer amazing value too. All you need to do to keep your perennials healthy is cut them back down to ground level in the autumn and look forward to seeing them emerging again the following spring.

As summer comes to an end there are still plenty of perennials around over the winter months. These perennials need an extra helping hand to make it through the harsh winter weather to flourish again next season. If your perennials are looking tired then remove dead leaves.  If they are getting too big, lift and divide and prise them apart using two forks. Re-plant any pieces that have good roots and leaves and make sure you water them well.

Heucheras will keep ticking over by dying back into a dense clump of leaves. These leaves should be left on the plant for protection. Unlike heucheras, upright perennials such as euphorbias will retain most of their top growth over the next few months. This is because they have sap or latex which stops them from freezing.

If your unsure if your perennials need to be pruned this month, take a look to see if our tips below apply to your garden -

  • Cut off euphorbia flower-heads. These flower-heads are known for blackening and becoming quite unsightly. Cut off these heads before the cause the plant to die-back and turn yellow. The cut stems will dry out if you remove all old blooms before the first frosts.
  • Cut back herbaceous stems. Most perennials benefit from being cut back as soon as their foliage starts to turn yellow. Unlike many shrubs and trees, perennials are unable to produce tough, woody tissues. They tend to go below ground to survive the winter.
  • Keep decorative seed heads of ornamental grasses, echinops and sedum plants to continue your display into winter. The seed heads also provide much needed shelter for insects.

If in doubt, make sure you cut the following perennials down to the ground this month -

  • Scablosa
  • Phlox
  • Peonies
  • Oriental Poppies
  • Leucanthemum
  • Hardy Geraniums
  • Astrantia
  • Catmint
  • Coreopsis

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