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Worried About Slugs?

Although not the most attractive of creatures, slugs are still important to the eco cycle. They help get rid of dead and decaying materials, recycle nitrogen (a key ingredient for plants) back into the food chain. They are also a source of food for other garden visitors. So in my view it’s about constant control rather than attempting an unlikely and undesirable “elimination”. What we want ideally is to have them in the garden but not attacking our plants.

Types of Slugs

There are various types of slugs which feed both above and below ground level. They are all “Gastropod molluscs” – molluscs without shells. (Incidentally snails are related to slugs and the actions to contain them are similar).

Large black slugs grow up to 15cm long and are easiest to see. Garden slugs are up to 4cm in size and light grey. Field slugs ten to be grey/black and are slightly smaller. Keeled slugs are also grey black but with a ridged back. Sub surface feeders, they’re the most likely to be polishing off your potatoes!

Tell Tale signs

That familiar slime trail will tell you if the culprits are slugs. But by this time it can be too late. Though they move slowly

Slug Control

There are many options in slug control and their effectiveness can vary depending on your garden and locality. The cost can vary too.

Prevention and Barriers

Good hygiene is important. Rake the soil regularly and remove dead and decaying material which attracts slugs. It’s also easier for predators to see them. Grit, crushed egg shells and other rough textures can prevent slugs from reaching your plants. All low or no cost!

Copper tape and rings for containers are proven to work and are especially good for hostas – which slugs are drawn to like I am to the biscuit tin! “Slug gone” is a wool
based barrier that works well as do absorbent mats.

Slug traps are a “friendlier” way to keep slugs at bay and yes, beer does work to attract them! A simple saucer of beer in the garden and you’ll find those slugs happily wallowing away next day. What you do with them, and the rest of the beer, is up to you.

Other Weapons

If you feel that more drastic action is required there
are options here too. Nematodes offer good effective biological control that is environmentally friendly to other animals. Water into the soil and they enter the slugs, infecting them with fatal bacteria. Unfortunately it’s not effective
below 50c.

Slug pellets used carefully offer quick effective control by spreading them around the areas to be protected. I prefer the ferric phosphate containing pelleted bait.

Always check for directions on usage, safety and consider animal and child access.

Last but not least

Hand picking! Hmmmm not nice I know, but effective and no cost – apart from a grimace or two!

We have put together a natural choice, slug control pack for only £19.99 with the usual FREE Delivery perfect for protecting your plants from slugs and snails. 

Our Natural Choice Slug Control pack contains the following:

1 Portable Slug & Snail Trap

Included with the trap is a specially formulated attractant which will attract slugs and snails from a distance of up to two metres.

• portable – use anywhere in the garden
• pesticide free – harmless to wildlife and pets • unique design – allows easy emptying

1 Copper Snail and Slug Tape

An effective barrier against snails and slugs. The electric charge of the copper causes the slugs and snails to turn away. Can be used on pots, raised beds, trees, greenhouses etc.

• designed to stop snails and slugs • long-lasting and easy to use

1 pack of 5 Strawberry & Hosta Mats

Protects Hostas and other plants from slugs and snails. Also ideal for suppressing weeds, conserving moisture, safe to wildlife and re-usable.

• copper coated fabric to deter slugs and snails

• keeps fruit clean from soil splashes etc.

• suitable for use around plants or under pots

Order by calling 01534 876 494 or online by clicking here Don’t forget to check out our Carnivorous Plants for an alternative option – click here for more information!



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