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All you need to know about Geraniums!

Pelargoniums, or geraniums as they are commonly known, are a very popular bedding plant. They are low maintenance and yield long-lasting displays of colour. Geranium Small Plug plants and Geranium Medium Plug plants are fantastic value for money, starting from less than 9p per plant.

Here at Gardening Direct our expert nursery staff work hard to grow a diverse selection of Geranium plugs to a high standard.We deliver quality bedding plants direct to our customer’s door in the following sizes – small plug plants, medium plug plants, large plug plants and XL plug plants. We offer a variety of Geraniums in all of these sizes, so you can find the perfect Geranium for you.

Geraniums are brilliant for British gardens, summer weather is inconsistent but a Geranium’s

beautiful blooms will be something you can count on in your garden. Geraniums will flourish from May to the first signs of frost. Geraniums are ideal if your garden falls victim to rabbits, slugs, snails and deer regularly. They will attract bees with their colourful blooms, helping the wildlife in your local area.

Often Geraniums can prove to be the perfect plant for a problem area where many other plants will suffer. If you don’t have the perfect soil, light or moisture conditions in your garden for growing other bedding plants, try Geraniums and you may be surprised at how much they can tolerate and still look fantastic.

Geraniums may be an old fashioned favourite used in formal displays, but with new varieties and a little more imagination you can create stunning informal beds, containers and hanging baskets using both upright and trailing Geraniums.

With most geraniums, if you cut all the foliage and seed heads down to ground level after flowering they will generally repay you with more flowers and refreshed mounds of foliage. Most have neat mounds of foliage during winter too.

This spring we have a fantastic collection of Geraniums on offer…

Our best selling Geranium Fire Queen is an intense red, flowering from June through until October. It looks stunning in borders or in containers of all sorts. It is large-flowering making it ideal for that splash of colour needed right through the summer.

Geranium Tutti Frutti is a very drought-tolerant collection producing plants with bright orange ice, red ice and pink ice flowers making compact plants 30 cm high with a spread of 30cm. These plants look great in a window box or in containers and when bedded out as a solid mass in a border their colours will take your breath away.

Geranium Parade  a beautiful Geranium that will bring lasting colour to your garden throughout the summer. The large flowers in reds and pinks will brighten your borders from June to October. An old favourite and a well loved Geranium!

Geranium Parade Patchwork - The mixture of colours will complete any garden display and last through to the first frosts. The sizeable flowers will stand out drawing all attention. This is a popular Geranium favoured by long standing gardeners!

Geranium Balcony Trailing this trailing geranium has delicate pink and red flowers that will trail beautifully from hanging baskets and containers. They are good in dry conditions, making them perfect for hanging baskets. A fantastic plant for bringing colour to your garden.

Geranium Burgundy Bicolour Trailing this trailing Geranium has beautiful large purple flowers. Geranium burgundy bicolour has good all weather tolerance and will look stunning in your patio pots.

To view our full range of Geraniums click here.


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