Friday, June 22, 2018

31 Jan

Bedding Bonanza – Bonus Offers, Bonus Service!

Save 20% on selected small and medium sized plugs! Our Bedding Bonus Bonanza is perfect for big gardens and for friends and neighbours who would like to club together and buy bedding plants in bulk.


When you order a Quadruple Pack (4 boxes of a single variety of plants) from either the Plug Plant or Ready Plant ranges on these two pages we’ll despatch all 4 boxes together in the delivery window you choose and give you 20% off the price too!

Simply select the product with the delivery window you want to receive your plants in and we’ll make sure your plants arrive together during that period.

Choose from either Small or Medium sized Plug Plants. Each Small sized Plug Plant is grown in an individual cell and measures approximately 4-8cm in height, from the root of the plant to the top of the stem. Plug Plants will need to be grown on before they are ready to plant in the garden.  Medium sized Plug Plant is grown in an individual cell and measures approximately 6-10cm in height, from the root of the plant to the top of the stem. Can be grown on or planted straight out in the garden.

We have a fantastic range of Geraniums, Begonias, Petunias and Impatiens all available in our bedding bonanza so don’t miss out!

  • Geranium Parade - These beautiful Geraniums will bring lasting colour to your garden throughout the summer. The large flowers in reds and pinks will brighten your borders from June to October. An old favourite and a well loved Geranium!
  • Geranium Fire Queen - This classic large flowered red geranium is a beautiful example of a geranium. The red flowers stand proud of the green coloured leaves, giving a lovely backdrop to the large flowers. These red Geraniums are good in dry conditions and will bloom throughout the summer.
  • Begonia Sahara - Begonia Sahara has clusters of small flowers in red and pink colours on top of attractive bronze and green foliage. It has good all weather tolerance and impressive flowering habit. They are ideal for your summer tubs and baskets.
  • Begonia Sparkle - Begonia Sparkle has a fantastic array of colours, and is perfect for cascading over the sides of your hanging baskets.
  • Begonia Destiny - Begonia Destiny are our top sellers and have proven year after year, a favourite choice. This fully double headed bedding plant provides an excellent mixture of red, orange and yellow. It is a profusely hardy flowering plant and will provide colour in your garden through out the Summer season.
  • Petunia Bolero - Petunia Bolero is a pretty double flowering bedding plant that will bring long lasting displays to your summer garden.
  • Petunia Grand Prix - Petunias have colourful flowers that will bring masses of interest throughout the summer. This Petunia Grand Prix has a mix of pink, red and rose flowers with dark centres and will cascade beautifully over the sides of your hanging baskets.
  • Impatiens Summer Waterfall - Impatiens, commonly known as Busy Lizzies, are a beautiful example of a bedding plant. Impatiens Summer Waterfall has extra large flowers, will grow vigorously and produce masses flowers, trailing to over 0.5metres. Cascades of Impatiens from your hanging baskets.

To find out more about despatch dates and plant sizes Click here!


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