Friday, June 22, 2018

22 Apr

Worried About Slugs?

Although not the most attractive of creatures, slugs are still important to the eco cycle. They help get rid of dead and decaying materials, recycle nitrogen (a…


Published Date: 22 Apr 2013
Category: Gardening Advice, Pests & Diseases, Wildlife
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18 Feb

Combat Garden Slugs!

This winter has had the most rainfall to date. Not only is it stopping us from getting out into our gardens, its also providing the…


Published Date: 18 Feb 2013
Category: Pests & Diseases
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29 Oct

Don’t Let Diseases Get the Best of Your Garden This Winter!

Sometimes it feels like a minefield in the garden when it comes to knowing what garden diseases can affect your plants. The guide below will help…


Published Date: 29 Oct 2012
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18 Nov

Busy Lizzies: Busy Lizzies: Don’t Let Downy Mildew Get the Better of Yours!

Found for the very first time in 2003, Downy Mildew is a disease caused by the fungus-like organism Plasmopara Obducens.
Downy Mildew is only likely…


Published Date: 18 Nov 2011
Category: Pests & Diseases