Friday, June 22, 2018

11 May

Garden Butterfly Guide!

May welcomes a breath of summer air into your garden and along with the lovely weather comes plenty of butterflies!

Most butterflies will emerge from their chrysalides this time of year and they’ll be drawn to any garden with nectar-rich, bright coloured flowers. They will soon fly to find mates and egg-laying sites in an urgent need to start the next generation.

Look out for the following butterflies below, listed next to the photographs are their favourite flowers. Don’t let the wide range of plants listed deter you from planting new wildlife friendly plants – any nectar rich, colourful plants will keep them coming back.

Don’t forget that if you are keen to help butterflies, you need to also help caterpillars. Allow weeds, brambles and nettles to grow in small areas, dandelions attract a wide range of butterflies and caterpillars. Ivy and long grasses are the more attractive solution and will encourage lots of caterpillars into your garden.

Spotted any butterflies yet? Let us know which butterflies you’ve seen in your garden by commenting below!


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