Friday, June 22, 2018

15 Sep

Look Out for Local Wildlife This September!

There’s lots we can do this time of month to entice wildlife into our gardens. Winter can be harsh on all garden creatures so it’s important we do our part to help them survive the harsh winter weather. This month you’ll be able to find birds picking at the seedheads of thistles and many other plants, butterflies basking in the last of the summer sun and rabbits which are now at their most brazen rising early to feed.

There are lots of ways to encourage wildlife into your garden including creating log piles, growing nectar-rich flowers, digging a pond, leaving an area of long grass and much more. One of the best ways of welcoming garden birds is to create a hanging bird feeder for your trees!

Follow the simple step by step process below and you’ll have plenty of new visitors -

1. Use secateurs to cut a piece of twig to fit across the base of your chosen pot. Wrap the same twig in a length of wire leaving enough to hang up the pot later.

2. Clean the pot to make sure theres no chance of spreading diseases to your garden birds. A weak disinfectant should do the job. Feed the wire through the drainage whole making sure the twig is tight against it on the inside.

3. turn the pot over and pack it tightly with fat balls, making sure it’s solid enough to to fall out when you hang it upside down. Use the wire to hang it from a branch. The pots will look great, especially if you make two or three to hang in a cluster.

As well as needing a sufficient amount of food birds need to rest like any other creature. There are a few things you can do to help them out this winter -

  • Avoid feeding your birds anything unhealthy, even bread can be a disaster! Let them instead feast on healthyfood such as fruit, nuts berries and insects.  Try one of our great bird seed mixes.
  • Keep water available at all times near feeders or on your bird table. Bird’s need it for drinking and to keep their wings in good condition.
  • Give your bird feeders a good clean with hot water and a scrubbing brush. It’s vital to keep your bird feeders clean to stop any diseases spreading amongst your beautiful garden birds.
  • Provide both shelter and food. You can help them out by providing them the opportunity to rest and roost in scrub, trees or a bird box.

Let us know how you keep your garden birds healthy throughout winter by posting on our Facebook wall here!


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